Keep Your Mind Sharp With FUN Brain Games!

Don’t let the beautiful weather and long summer days be an excuse for your brain to take a vacation.  During these lazy days, take some time to exercise your mind with clever puzzle games so at least one part of you will be fit for the beach.

These games give your brain a serious workout and keep you guessing as to what might come at you next.

Every Day Genius: SquareLogic

This adrenaline-infused puzzle game turns Sudoku on its head, adding new variables and challenges that will stretch your brainpower to its absolute limit. With over 20,000 puzzles in 18 different styles, you’ll have 5,000 hours of brain boot camp to get yourself in shape for those strenuous fall months.

Brain Training for Dummies

Need to ease yourself into the wide world of brainteasers? Then look no further than Brain Training for Dummies – games like Crossword Chaos and Shape Sense allow you to take the brainteaser game at your own pace: jump right in, or slowly ramp up the level of difficulty. No matter your preference, these 10 games will keep your brain a lean, mean fighting machine.

Sudoku Traveler China

What’s Sudoku without a view? Play Sudoku while taking in National Geographic’s breathtaking shots of China. Customize the game to your skill-level, but don’t be too one-dimensional; this game also quizzes you on China’s history, culture and famous landmarks.

Bookworm Adventures Volume 2

Bored of the same old word games that ask you to spell, unscramble, or search? Rouse your brain and fight mystical creatures with the power of fast-paced word combinations! Cleverly piece together letters to form words, battle monsters and find treasure, RPG style. Think quickly though or fall prey to Lex’s magical enemies!

World of Goo

Who ever thought physics could be fun? Take your brain to the next level with this physics-based construction puzzle game where you build bridges and towers using balls of goo! Winner of Most Innovative Game Design from Spike TV and the Video Game Awards Show.

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